Sunday, 29 June 2014

Twelve Keys to Answered Prayers

Why does God not answer most people's prayers? Do you know how to pray in a way that will get real results?...Open Answers Key 

Does God give us sickness, poverty, and recessions? Should earthquakes, tsunamis and acts of terrorism be interpreted as his divine judgment on a sinful world? Does God kill babies? Are these dumb questions? You might think so except that many sincere Christians believe all these terrible things are from God….Open Here

Let me get into the sermon here today. I think we’re always moved when we see the blessing of little children. It’s a very moving, very inspiring ceremony. God chooses these little children to teach us a lesson, and I’m always amazed at watching them and reflecting from year to year on the lessons that you can learn. We are constantly reminded how we ought to be, how we ought to live, how we ought to react; yet, in our society today many people fail to learn the lesson because of the horrible child-rearing practices, sometimes the undisciplined children. We’ve all seen young people in Toys "R" Us throw a tantrum. I can remember very vividly that occurring where a child wanted a toy. The parent said no, and the child lay down and just threw a fit until the parents recapitulated and gave him what he wanted. We all understand that there could be more training and discipline of young people, especially in society. And yet, when Jesus Christ picked up those young children, they didn’t bite Him. They didn’t kick Him. They didn’t lay down and scream. They were just there, and Christ pointed to them as an example….By Roy Holladay

Many people worry about their body more than their soul. The body may live for several decades, but the soul lives on forever in either heaven or hell. The soul appears 473 times in the Bible! (‘body’ only 154). You receive your soul at the moment of your conception (along with the sin nature Ps 51:5). Your soul is invisible and lives inside of your body…Know More

Kellyn was headed down a stubborn path, doubting the existence of God for as long as she could remember. Not caring about her parent's divorce, stealing at a young age, and being hateful to Christians in high school are just a few examples of things she remembers doing while growing up. Yet some of the Christians she met along the way offered friendship and acceptance, eventually leading her down the road to faith in God…ReadFull Testimony

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