Sunday, 6 July 2014

Steps to Spiritual Maturity

What does it take to grow up and become spiritually mature? Why do some Christians not grow as they should? God's word presents steps we can take toward growth and spiritual maturity by Bible study, patience, and diligent practice of good works....Know More

The adult spiritual gifts test is geared towards those with a good understanding of themselves and where they are in their walk with Jesus.  This test is appropriate for new believers as well as mature Christians.  This test is also suitable for some who are young, even those still in high school, who have a more developed faith.The youth spiritual gifts test has been aimed at those in Junior High and High School.  We have simplified the list of gifts that are tested and have changed the language to make it more "youth friendly."  We do have plans to create a spiritual gifts test for those in elementary school so check back soon.....Start Testing

God has called us to Himself and given us abundant blessings. But if we keep it to ourselves, we are not doing right. To bottle up God’s blessings for ourselves is to fall into the rampant selfism of our sinful culture. If your heart is not in evangelism and missions, if you’re not burdened for the lost, if you’re not investing the material blessings God has entrusted to you in the work of His kingdom, then you’ve gotten caught up with American selfism. God calls us in salvation and blesses us so that we can be a blessing. We must set our focus on taking the good news of His salvation to all the nations....Continue

Doesn't it lift your spirits when you see someone who really loves the Lord. You can see Him in their life. God living within a believer is a wonderful thing to behold you are able to observe how God directs their life. You see them often going though difficult times, but at the same time you see them exercising unswerving faith in the Lord. In time you observe how the Lord gives the victory and how the overcome their difficulty...Continue

How you begin and conduct your fast will largely determine your success. By following these seven basic steps to fasting, you will make your time with the Lord more meaningful and spiritually rewarding...Start Reading

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