Sunday, 22 June 2014

Earthly Wisdom v/s Godly Wisdom

There are basically two sources of information in this present world – one is from the true God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the other is from the present god of this world – the devil. To live by the first source will result in life to its fullest and the latter will slowly destroy you. We will compare and contrast both sources from God’s Word and then you can decide by which source you will choose to live your life. Most people today live by worldly wisdom because they cannot rightly divide or find a source where God’s Word is rightly divided and easily understood and therefore easily applied. You have found that source. What will you do about it? Surely you will choose to be spiritually minded....Read Full Presentation

They do more than what they tell, their passionate job is hard working for Christ. By their standards like accountability and honest before God it is an example ministry runs Children Home, Therismos Centre for Theological Education (Harvesters training program), Pastors Seminars, Women Conferences, Church Planting...Welcome to India...Welcome to Vikasitha

Testimony requires the nurturing by the prayer of faith, the hungering for the word of God in the scriptures, and the obedience to the Henry B. Eyring

Believe that the breakthroughs can happen today if we’ll just stay in prayer until we have the victory. What is perseverance? I heard one fellow call it “stickability.” In other words, just stick with it. Stay with praying until you’ve prayed through. I think that many times, if something doesn’t happen fast enough, we give up too soon. But if we give up, we won’t see the results God intends for us to have....By Kenneth E. Hagin

The vision for this web site is to provide a resource for the Church regarding its rich Hebraic heritage by promoting Jewish literacy among all those who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord.  I believe this is important today for many reasons, but especially because many people in the church today are unaware of the inherent Jewishness of their heritage, and sadly this reflects in many misinterpretations regarding the Scriptures. Remember: Jesus was (and is) a Jew, and to be a follower of Him implies learning about the Jewish people -- their culture, their language, and their way of understanding the Scriptures. Moreover, in the olam habah, the world to come, we will all give homage to a Jewish Lord and Jewish Savior! Why not get a head start and begin learning the "language of the kingdom?"...Read More

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