Sunday, 26 April 2015

Greatest Earthquakes of The Bible

The Holy Land is a region where earthquakes occur frequently. By one means or another, big earthquakes have been documented in the Holy Land for a period exceeding 4,000 years.1 Many are known from history and literature, especially the Bible. Holy Land earthquakes are also evidenced from archaeological excavations. No other region of the earth has such a long and well-documented chronology of big earthquakes.Recently, geologists have investigated the 4,000-year chronology of earthquake disturbances within the uppermost 19 feet of laminated sediment of the Dead Sea...Know More

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How Does God Keeps His Promises

Overcoming Spiritual Failure 


It’s a tribute to a musician when he can take an imperfect instrument and use it to play great music. It’s a tribute to a surgeon when he can perform a difficult operation in primitive conditions at a remote mission station without all of the sophisticated medical devices that are available in America. Even more so, it’s a tribute to our Lord that He uses imperfect instruments to establish and build His kingdom...Read More

Do Not Be Anxious About Your Life

Jesus does not want his followers to be anxious. He does not secure his kingdom by keeping his subjects in a state of worry. On the contrary, according to verse 33, the more primary, the more central his kingship becomes in our lives, the less anxiety we will have. Jesus came, lived, died, rose from the dead, in order that he might reign as King over an anxiety-free people...Read More

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