Sunday, 21 September 2014

Christian fulfillment !

French Physicist Blaise Pascal expressed the idea that there is more to life than simply fulfilling our physical needs. God created Man for a spiritual relationship with Himself. And until Christ fills our hearts, we will constantly search for something in this World to fill that vacuum and make life worth living...Read More

People today are of the mindset that the events of the Old and New Testaments all happened back in the "Biblical days" of human history. They fail to grasp the awesome truth that we are still living in Biblical days. They never ended. What will yet happen on the face of this Earth in the years to come has already been prophesied and penned in the Bible. There remain things written in the Bible, in both the New an Old Testaments, that are yet to come to pass...Read More

Our purpose to those outside Christ TO DELIVER-The Gospel TO DEFINE-What we believe TO DEFEND- The truth of the Word...Know More

The Point-It’s important to be connected to the body of Christ.The Bible Meets Life We often join clubs, teams, and organizations because of the perks and benefits we receive. Unfortunately, we often approach the church in the same way. The privilege of being a part ofthe body of Christ, though, does not come from anything we’ve done or paid for. Instead, Christ paid the price and made it possible for us to be a part of the church, God’s family.The Passage Ephesians 2:17-22...Open The Book

Are you a godly woman? Do you have a godly woman in your life? A godly woman isn’t perfect, rather she’s learning to open up and trust in her Savior. The measuring stick of your godliness isn’t based on a comparison to other women (not even the Proverbs 31 woman), but on your personal commitment to Jesus Christ. As you continue to grow spiritually (and everyone has their own timetable in Christ), you will..Read List

In God, For You !
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