Sunday, 3 August 2014

Understanding God

If you want to start understanding God better, you have to come to him. There is a movement involved here. To understand the One who made you, you have to be moving towards Him. If you are sitting stationary in your armchair or science lab - in other words trying to understand God with a skeptical attitude, like so many who say, "prove yourself, I don't believe anything unless it's proven beyond doubt - you will never discover much that is of any value. If you try to discover God on this basis, He leaves you on your own.But if you are willing to take a step towards Him, He will meet you halfway. As James, Jesus' half-brother reported, "Come close to God, and He will come close to you." You take a step, then He takes a step. Much like the whole dating scene - boy meets girl. You can never discover God through mental processes alone. There is too much going against you in this world, which is determined to stamp out all desire for Him. If you were to discover something real, the chances would be great that you would declare a new revelation and set up shop as a new world religion, selling your brand of "how to get to God."In essence that is what religion is: human insight without divine insight selling itself as truth....Read More

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The question of what foundations to turn to for funding is one Christian ministries and churches ponder over all the time. There are of course various factors to consider. The degree of compatibility between your mission and the aims of a foundation remains the most important consideration. But at a time when foundation funding is declining, it helps to know which foundations are giving the most - along with knowing a little about their overall purpose, the kinds of Christian organizations they fund, and the kinds of programs that interest them....Open List 

Dr. S. John David was on Gospel Work visiting Chilakaluripet, Kakinada, Peddapuram and near by villages.  He observed some old women are appeared on the street with a bowl for begging. He moved with compassion and enquired the back ground of the old age women.  They informed that they were very happy in the fast days.  They became and remain as baggers because of negligence by their kith & kin.  Some die in the corners of the street with out proper clothing.  The love of Jesus Christ constrained him and started old age homes for giving food, shelter, medicine, affection in those sun set years.  The old age women dwelling in the homes getting total care and expressing their exceeding gratitude to the donors of Wort und Tat, Germany and AMG India International, Chilakaluripet.  Some of them determine not to go their native place and to stay, live and die here only....Know other facts

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