Sunday, 10 August 2014

Eternal Joy With Him

Felix Mantz A.D. 1526 was also an originator of the Reformation of the faith, in Germany, and when he, with great zeal, practiced, taught, and preached, the recognized truth of the gospel, he was envied, accused, and imprisoned by his adversaries, and finally drowned at Zurich, for the evangelical truth, thus becoming a witness of the sufferings of Christ. This occurred in the year of our Lord 1526. He left the following admonition to his fellow brethren, for their comfort....Read More

The Internet is a useful portal for information, education, and entertainment. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are the largest social networking sites. However, where online can Christians go to socialize with believers, share their faith, discuss life topics, and have fun in a clean, safe environment?- Checkout these 10 sites

There are evangelical Christians who believe that medical miracles are a reality, writes Jolyon Jenkins...Know More
The melting Arctic is under threat from oil drilling, industrial fishing and conflict. You can Save the Arctic. We all depend on the health of the Arctic We need to protect the Arctic waters from oil drilling and unsustainable fishing. But companies and governments want to drill for oil in the melting waters. Burning oil caused the melting in the first place. To save the Arctic, we have to act today and Sign Now on Green Peace International Save The Arctic Project to demand world leaders declare a global sanctuary around the North Pole.

Our world is full of needs. There are countless opportunities and ways for us to reach out to those around us; we simply have to open our eyes. We have to train ourselves to see the world through a new perspective, “What can we do to serve those around us?” Sometimes it is even helpful to ask yourself “What could I use right now?”- Whether it be a piece of gum after a dinner date, a car wash, a freshly painted school classroom, or a complete home renovation. The opportunities are endless, we just have to pause and notice them....Know More
In God, For You !
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