Sunday, 26 February 2012

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Scripture records a number of symbols which apply to the Holy Spirit. They are given to teach us important truths, but we must beware falling into idolatry by mistaking the symbolism for the Spirit of God...Read More

This x-ray, taken on September15, 1977, clearly shows the three inches of missing bone. From my left Tibia that resulted from my accident. I was struck by a car while riding a bicycle on July 16, 1977. You also see the two pins that were placed through my leg horizontally below my knee and above my ankle.Click Here

And when Tiberius C├Žsar, the emperor of the Romans, was labouring under a grievous disease, and understanding that there was at Jerusalem a certain physician, Jesus by name, who by a single word cured all infirmities, he, not knowing that the Jews and Pilate had put Him to death...Read More

You see them on the back of automobiles everywhere. Occasionally, you see them worn on necklaces or bracelets. I've even seen them as key chains and on hats. Even the evolutionists show off this symbol with the name "Darwin" aptly inscribed upon it. I've even seen these mysterious symbols with a small, pointy, dorsal fin protruding off the top of one of these, resembling a shark...Read More

In God, For You!
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