Sunday, 29 January 2012

Becoming A New Creation In Christ

Meeting Christ is a radical experience. It is a life changing message. However, there is no preset list of changes that you are handed when you meet Christ. No one can say that your experience of Christ means you must give up drinking, smoking, gambling or the like....Read More

5 Years -   30 Pages Daily - Read through in 60 Days -     6 Times Yearly
10 Years -   45 Pages Daily - Read through in 40 Days -     9 Times Yearly
20 Years -   60 Pages Daily - Read through in 30 Days -   12 Times Yearly

              They sleep just 10 minutes per day.Giraffe can go without water longer than camel.
              There is no vocal chords in Giraffe....Read More

by Mary Eileen Butera

Problems are a fact of life,
We all have them now and then;
They may be small, they may be large,
But they are common to all men.

In God,For You!
Team,Spiritual Alerts