Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Time to Keep Silence and A Time to Speak...!

Christ’s Silence In Receiving Sinners !”Is it not because I have held My peace from of old that you do not fear Me?” (Isaiah 57:11)...Know More

When you enroll Christian Leaders Institute, you don’t pay any tuition, and you get world class free online Bible school training. Our goal is to bring the very best free ministry training in the world...Know More

Times of grief and sorrow will visit on every person at some point in time. Believers aren’t insulated from tragedies and painful situations. However because we have the Holy Spirit within us, we have hope that keeps us one moment at a time. Because of the overwhelming pressure of sorrow, we’re often unaware of how our coping reflects our testimony and faith in God. We don’t weep as the world weeps. Let the following 7 Bible verses about sorrow bring peace to your mind:...Read More

What does God want for your life?  How is the world the enemy of your spiritual life? How can you live in this sinful world, without compromise? How can you overcome with God’s power?...Click to Study

In a few places, the author of Hebrews warns his readers in a very severe manner. It is not pleasant to read such things. But it is necessary for us to be aware of them. The same God who offers us heaven also warns us about hell. The Bible tells us about God’s anger as well as his love....Know More

In God, For You !
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