Sunday, 1 March 2015

To Be Like Him !

These are the qualities which show us to be Christlike. Endurance, love, service, generosity, doing good, forgiveness. These virtues show us to be like Him...Read More

The Bible is filled with numerous instructions and commandments from God, such as "do not love the world" and "love one another." Therefore, a Christian who truly wants to do the will of God will carefully seek them out as he studies the Bible and, by the grace of God, live accordingly.....Read More

One of the questions I consistently get from Believers whether they are newly born-again or have been in the Body of Christ for years, is, "How do you know God's voice?" There is a five-fold secret to clearly hearing God's voice. For the ministers and lay Christians who do not know this crucial secret, hearing the Lord's voice becomes a perpetual struggle. Let's go to the Word of God to learn this five-fold Gillis Triplet

Our food was created to be appealing to all of our senses - especially our senses of taste, smell and sight. Within the skin pigments and edible portion of these living foods lies a vast array of phytonutrients most of which have yet to be fully understood or documented by science. Be joyful and eat for abundant life...Know More

In God, For You !
Team, Spiritual Alerts.