Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Power of Faith !

Faith is the key to defeating all that comes against you.  In order for the hand of God to work miracles in your life, you must believe that he is able.  Your trials have no power over you except for what you allow.  For that reason, you must never let the fear of any painful situation in your life become bigger than your Marianne Bernard

The first factor is the Word of God. Why was John here? - "for the word of God". Why were they slain? - "for the word of God". Why do things happen? - "because of the word of God" - yes, and the other part of it - "the testimony of Jesus." But what is the Word of God that sets up all this? What is the Word of God that creates this terrific antagonism? Well, we need an adequate conception of what God Himself means by 'the Word of God'. He does not just mean the Bible - that, because we have the Bible, then we are slain. We are anything but slain. You can get Bibles at every bookshop. It is nothing to do with the Bible - except that the Bible is the vessel of God's revelation of Himself. The Bible can be the Bible - and a closed book as far as its meaning goes. No, it is more than that. It is not even Bible doctrine. You need not get slain for holding sound evangelical doctrine. Indeed, mere 'soundness' may be quite a deadly thing. Assuming 'soundness' in matters of doctrine and Scripture, there is something even greater yet, and that relates to the SPIRITUAL understanding of the MEANING of the Scriptures.

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In God, For You !
Team, Spiritual Alerts.