Sunday, 23 November 2014

Love God with All Your Mind

The renewed mind plays a vital role in loving Jesus. The Lord said that if we are ever going to understand the Kingdom our minds need to be constantly renewed (Matt. 4:17). In Romans 12:2 Paul states that a major part of being transformed into the image and likeness of Jesus must require our minds being renewed. It’ a big deal...Read More

Weekly Promise Card

The Amazing First Verse of the Bible

Ancient Texts Relating to the Biblical World

In the last two hundred years a large number of discoveries have been made that shed light on the world of the Bible. Below are a few of the images that have helped us understand more about the culture, language and scripts of the ancient Near East. For additional images, see the articles under Dead Sea Scrolls...Know More

Missions Time Line

Jesus in All the Books of the Bible

The Bible is about Jesus. He is pictured or prophesied about in each of the 66 Bible books as well as in countless types in the lives of different characters in the Bible. Here is a breakdown of how He is pictured in each of the books...Read More

The Mathematical Impossibility of Evolution

According to the most-widely accepted theory of evolution today, the sole mechanism for producing evolution is that of random mutation combined with natural selection. Mutations are random changes in genetic systems. Natural selection is considered by evolutionists to be a sort of sieve, which retains the "good" mutations and allows the others to pass away...Read More

In God, For You !
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