Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dealing With Anger

What is the root cause of temper? It is SELF! Temper is produced by SELF. Whenever temper is expressed on the outside, we may be sure that there is an angry SELF on the inside. We may try hard to control our temper, but unless SELF is dealt with, we will continue to get angry and lose our temper. Let us look at a few temper-producing situations so that we may see more clearly that SELF is the cause of temper...Know More

12 Keys To Effective An Effective Church

What is included below is a very short summary of Kennon Callahans “12 Keys to an Effective Church: Strong, healthy Congregations Living in the Grace of God” that will be explored more on November 27th. Because the summary is short it may seem confusing at points. So just consider it an introduction to get you thinking before our gathering...Read More

The bottom line to this article and this teaching of Jesus Christ is this: if your relationship, your attitude, heart, mind, and fellowship with God the Father and Jesus Christ is not as a little child, humble, meek, having a broken self spirit and are lowly in heart, submissive, trusting, desiring to learn, you are not converted and cannot be His disciple. If  you have a mind that expresses itself as if you are above obeying God's law - His 10 commandments, having a heart directed to self, exalting of self, or praising and raising another man's exaltation above God, and is one that looks to a church government of man's rule and authority above God and His Word, you are breaking God's first commandment and will not enter God's Kingdom, and are not converted, Mat.18:3!...Read More

We enter into covenants by priesthood ordinances, sacred rituals that God has ordained for us to manifest our commitment. Our foundational covenant, for example, the one in which we first pledge our willingness to take upon us the name of Christ, is confirmed by the ordinance of baptism. It is done individually, by name. By this ordinance, we become part of the covenant people of the Lord and heirs of the celestial kingdom of God…Read More

Fear is defined as, "an unpleasant feeling of apprehension or distress caused by the presence or anticipation of danger."1 But what is the origin of this unpleasant feeling - fear itself?...Know More 

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