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Jesus Army Online Multilingual Bible

 Jesus Army is UK based Christian community known as the Jesus Fellowship Church, aims to be a contemporary expression of the historic Christian faith. All kinds of people are involved: young and old, rich and poor offering Online Multilingual Bible 

Christians were expected to take part in rituals and sacrifices to the pagan gods and goddesses of the Romans. Many Christians went into hiding to avoid the order and converting to Christianity during this period was highly dangerous of Christian Persecution. Statues or idols of gods and goddesses were erected at the corners of the streets, in the market-places and over the public fountains making it impossible for a Christian to go out without being put to the test of offering sacrifice. To refuse would mean torture and death under the Edict of Diocletian and Christian Persecution....Know about more lives

This life may change but it can never be destroyed, and though the change from one form of existence into another is called Death, this never means that death finally ends life, or even that it adds to life, or takes away from it. It merely transfers the life from one form of existence to another. A thing that disappears from our sight has not thereby ceased to exist. It reappears, but in another form and state man can be never destroyed. Sundar found above facts in his vision about death.....Ohter Visions

Biola University is a private Christian university located in Southern California. For over 100 years, Biola — a community where all faculty, staff and students are professing Christians — has been committed to biblically centered education, intentional spiritual development and vocational preparation.With more than 145 academic programs through its six schools, Biola offers degrees ranging from B.A. to Ph.D....Visit Now

It an extensive study on biblical music instruments which took life time of  Dennis. F. McCorkle 

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