Sunday, 3 February 2013

Corinth at the time of Paul's arrival !

As Paul arrived at Corinth in 49 or 50 C.E., he would have seen lots of rock piles, ruins of ancient city walls. Rome had destroyed the old Corinth in 146 B.C.E. The city Paul entered was therefore young-- not even a century old. In 44 B.C.E. a decree of Julius Caesar had re-founded Corinth as a Roman colony...Explore More

The land may have originally been named after Uz, who was the son of Aram, and grandson of Shem (Genesis 10:23, 1 Chronicles 1:17).It had to have fertile pastures, since Job had many thousands of animals.It had at least one major city, since Job sat at the city gate....Find it now

It is interesting to note that this journey sets off not from Jerusalem, the mother Church where all the apostles were gathered, but from Antioch, a newly established Church.The Church of Antioch (Syria) had been founded by believers (lay people), who were escaping from the persecution in Jerusalem....Do Journey with him

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