Sunday, 16 December 2012

7 Reasons Why Jesus Born !

Seven Reasons Why Jesus Was Born

The Gospels tell us Jesus died in the spring at the time of the Passover. But why did He have to die? To understand, we need to realize why it was Jesus' destiny to enter this chaotic, sin-sick world...Read the article by Donald Ward

As a Consolidator, you are the most important person in the new believer’s life. You are the person to whom God has entrusted the new believer. Your role is to hold his hand and help him know the Lord.You act as a spiritual parent to him....By Lawrence Khong

The Holy Spirit is a wonderful person, friend, guide, counselor and teacher. He was with God the Father and Jesus at Creation, and it was through His power that the commands of God the Father was manifested. God said let there be light and the Holy Spirit brought the light and all the creation into being...Read More

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