Sunday, 30 September 2012

Quick Facts about St Paul

Paul was from the Roman city of Tarsus, located in what is today southern Turkey. (Acts of the Apostles 21:39)...Read More

In a sense, a woman is more woman than a man is a man. Let me explain. A poet said long ago: Love is of man's life, A thing apart; 'Tis woman's whole existence....Read More

Peter teaches us not to avoid this pressure. We live in a generation where people go to great lengths to avoid discipline of any sort and escape whatever pressure life places on them. But those of us who are Christians are to accept this pressure and are to do so graciously. The book of First Peter teaches us that such pressure tempers and refines our character and makes us worthy to be called Christians....Read More

Since it is impossible for God to lie we know that everything He says about what will happen will actually take place. If we are to become perfect we need to be known as individuals who tell the truth, like God.

In God, For You!
Team, Spiritual Alerts