Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Truth About Self Respect !

Next to self-love, self-respect is possibly the second most popular self-help topic. An Internet search will turn up a host of results. Seemingly, everyone has an opinion on the subject. Self-respect seems to be the medication prescribed for people who have “low self-esteem.”....Read More

Modern people often use real numbers to count time intervals. This is useful in many situations but it is also prone to serious errors. This article explains counting numbers and how they differ from real numbers. The reason? The Bible was written with counting numbers....Read More

When William Carey announced to his wife Dorothy that he felt called to take the gospel to India she didn’t share his zeal.In fact, as the plans developed she became increasingly nervous to the point that she concluded it would be unwise for her to go....Read More

Drinking Luke warm water Mixed with a spoon of pure Honey and a spoon of Lemon juice everyday morning helps to increase resistance power....More Tips

Everyone who is in the ministry, has ever been in the ministry, or is thinking about getting in the ministry goes through attacks. Every new work that is started for the Lord receives it's own attacks as well....Read More

In God, For You!
Team, Spiritual Alerts.