Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pray for China !


China, with 1.3 billion people, is the world's most populous country. Officially called The People's Republic of China (PRC), it is the world's fourth-largest country in area, slightly smaller than the United States. It is divided into 22 provinces, with the capital city of Beijing having a population of 12.6 million people. China's major religion is atheism, followed closely by Confucianism and Buddhism.
With a booming population, China instituted a "one child" policy in 1979, with each family limited to one child per household. Exceptions are made for those who live further in the country and those who give birth to twins or triplets—with much envy from others.
The first missionaries to China arrived in A.D. 635 and established at least 11 churches. The pervasive Confucian philosophy remained, however, and with the rise of Maoist Communism in 1949, all churches were suppressed. Many purges and the ongoing consolidation of power cost at least 35 million Chinese lives.
Today, Christianity in China is highly restricted, but tens of millions of Bibles are produced by a government-approved press, and registered Christian churches worship openly in most parts of the country.
Following the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989, the government tightened political control throughout the country, resulting in increased persecution for unregistered churches. Persecution is reported in most parts of China, and "underground" Christians are arrested, tortured and some are even put to death. Although there is intense persecution of many believers in China, they are faithful to reach out with the Gospel despite extreme consequences if caught doing so.

In God,For You!
Team,Spiritual Alerts